Dear Zoo

We read the Dear Zoo book as part on our animals theme. 

We decided to write our own letter to the zoo to send us a pet! 

Throughout the course of the day various strange packages started to arrive. 

Some of them were moving! Some of them were barking! 

We carefully collected each parcel from the various places they were delivered. 

Some came to the front door. 

Some came in through the window. Some even came in on the lunch trolley.

First of all a very large box arrived. 

Outside we heard thumping on the door. We went outside and found a large box. 

We carefully unpacked it to find an elephant inside. 

The elephant was too big so we sent him back!

Next a very long tall box arrived. 

We opened it to find a giraffe inside. 

He was too tall so we sent him back.

Then another large box arrived. It was marked with caution tape and some of us could hear rouring! We went outside in the rain to fetch it. 

Inside was a lion! 

He was too fierce so we sent him back.

Next a smaller box arrived. 

Inside was a camel. 

He was too grumpy so we sent him back. 

The postal worker called the children to tell them there was a parcel in the garden.

Another box arrived which looked like it was moving! 

Inside was a slithery snake! 

He was too scary so we sent him back.

Next a medium sized box arrived that was moving up and down.

Inside was a monkey!

He was too naughty so we sent him back.

A teeny tiny package arrived through the letter box. 

Inside was frog. 

He was too jumpy so we sent him back. 

At the end of the day a final package arrived through the window. 

The box was barking and everyone tried to guess what was inside. 

It was a dog! 

He was just right so we kept him!