This week the Grasshoppers took part in Orienteering around the local forest.

Jessica one of our Grasshoppers practitioners lead this fun experience for the children as she has a Duke of Edinburgh award which included a two day orienteering expedition.

The children used the Laptops to research maps of the local area, recognising points of interest and familiar buildings.

They then decided to create and design their own maps showing great drawing skills.

Jessica spoke to the children about how to read maps and how a compass works explaining that to navigate successfully you need to use your compass alongside your map.

The children then headed off with their compass in hand in the direction of the forest.

Whilst in the forest they spilt into smaller groups and enjoyed rambling around the local environment.

The Grasshoppers then set themselves a challenge to see which group could find their way back to nursery the quickest using the maps and compass.

The children worked really well as a team sharing thoughts and ideas and listening to each other.

Well done Grasshoppers.