Blackberry Pie

The Grasshoppers went out blackberry picking. 

They researched online where blackberries might be found and decided the forest was the place to go. 

The children talked about the prickly plants the blackberries can be found on. 

They completed a risk assessment to find out how to manage the risk. The children decided to be careful, walk slowly and wear long sleeve coats. 

In the forest the children located blackberries. 

They carefully picked them and added them to a pot. 

Beth spoke to the children about what to do with the blackberries and suggested making a pie. 

A child suggested they had apple pie at home and Beth said the children could add apples to their pie as well. 

The children made a shopping list of what they might need for the pie such as extra blackberries, apples and pastry. 

They went on a trip to Waitrose to buy the ingredients. 

The children pushed a trolley and located all of the items on their shopping list.

The children added the ingredients to the till point. 

And paid for the shopping. 

Back at nursery the children followed careful instructions to make the pie. 

They rolled out pastry. 

Washed the picked blackberries.

Added the filling of blackberries and apples. 

And put it in oven to bake. 

Once it was ready the children cut it up and tasted it. 

Te blackberry and apple pie was yummy!