ICT Mark Making

ICT Mark making

This week in the Butterflies the children have been using their computer for mark making.

The children were able to understand how to operate and work the simple mark making application.

The Butterflies selected the colour chart and chose colours for a purpose when creating marks.

They also understood how to change the brush feature to create different marks on their art work such as fine lines, spray paint and a faded effect.

The children also found a shapes section within the application which they added to the page and was able to trace over the lines and curves and also recreate their own.

We learned lots of new shape names including triangle and rectangle.

Other children asked to practice name writing and letter formation.

We wrote the children’s names on the screen and the children were able to trace over and copy the letters from their names. 

We printed off the Butterflies’ art work and added it to displays which the children were very proud to see.

The Butterflies were very confident using this application on their computer and the activity was continued throughout the week.