Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur



On Tuesday the children enjoyed learning about a special Jewish festival called ‘Yom Kippur’. The children first watched a video of what Yom Kippur is. The children then enjoyed an activity which was set up by Nabeelah explaining and role-playing what the Jewish people do on this special day. The children enjoyed looking at different key words such as “forgiveness, Praying, fasting and praying.” The children then repeated key words that was heard. The toddlers really engaged in this activity and was interested in learning a new festival.

We then extended this activity by making our own cookies. The children did a cooking activity in which they identified the different ingredients needed to make our cookies. The children helped choose a recipe from the laptop and then followed this recipe. The children helped pour the ingredients into the bowl, they used the scales to measure out the ingredients and then used the whisk to mix all the ingredients together. Once all the ingredients were combined the children used their sense of smell to smell the orange essence. The children said “orange”. The children then helped make little balls and placed them onto the oven tray. We then let the magic happen and the cookies cooked. The children enjoyed their delicious cookies.

Delicious cookies.


As part of our Yom Kippur celebrations and learning baby room decorated their own horns using a variety of bright coloured paints. An adult then helped us to make the horns and we had lots of fun pretending to use them.

For Yom Kippur we looked at a video showing us what the celebration entailed of. The children enjoyed learning about different cultures and asked loads of questions.