Animal art attack

As part of our Animals from around the world topic the Butterflies explored their inner artists by creating art work.  

The children were given a wide variety of mark making materials to select from.

They then discussed what their favourite animal was and what country or continent they come from. 

The children looked around the room and found some toy animals and animal masks and used them for inspiration. 

We also used an Ipad to research animals in the wild and listened to the sounds and noises that they make. 

The Butterflies worked on their physical development through hand and eye coordination and pencil control.

The children used large scale paper to allow space to express themselves.

We also used chalk and chalk boards whilst talking about touch and textures.

Some children preferred the bright colours whilst using paint and brushes. 

The children were so pleased with their animal art work that we displayed it on the wall so that everyone could see.