Testing Our Ideas Links to Materials

Testing Our Ideas Links to Materials


This week the preschool enjoyed working on a three part project to link to the curriculum topic materials. The children have been demonstrating high levels of interest during cooking activities following instructions and recipes.

For this week to incorporate this interest the group worked on assessing risks, brainstorming ideas and testing their ideas.

Part one of the materials exploration included preparing their ice mark making wands. The children reflected on how they though the water turned to ice. The children enjoyed using their ice wands to make large scale marks which incorporated links to mathematics and shapes.

Part two to the workshop included assessing risks and making jelly exploring the change of state. The children predicted what they thought would happen at each stage and discussed the risks of hot water as part of their safety life skills.

With success of the jelly setting in the moulds the children uses the jelly in a range of different ways with told to mash, scoop and mix.

Part three of the workshop was to make sensory balls using a range of different materials. The children brainstormed and shared ideas on their ideas for what to use and how they would make their balls. The children researched and following instruction to create their own sensory balls.