Life cycle of a duck

The children took part in the life cycle of a duck experiment this week. 

Everyone was very excited when the eggs were delivered and the children talked about what might be inside. 

They used the light board to look inside the eggs and compared the eggs with a variety of shop bought eggs such a chicken, quail and duck eggs. 

The children talked about how the outside of the eggs were different but the inside was the same. 

They cracked open the different eggs on the light board to explore. 

Then they talked about what will happen when the ducks hatch from the eggs. 

The children were able to watch first hand the ducklings hatch. 

The children commented on how the ducks looked tired and wet.

When they were ready we transferred the ducklings from the incubator to the brooder. 

The children talked about hwy the ducklings needed the brooder to keep them warm.

The children helped set up the cage and put the food and water out for the ducks. Everyone had an opportunity to observe and hold the ducks, discussing how we need to be careful. 

When the ducks were ready the children had the opportunity to put them in the water as the ducklings learned to swim. Everyone was very excited.