Nice and Toastie

This week in preschool we continued our materials topic, we followed a child’s interest of making toast and extended it. We got bagels, crumpets and bread and explored their textures we then toasted them. Before using the toaster the children performed a risk assessment on the toaster and the knives, they     explained that the toaster is hot and we need to be careful when putting the toast in and out and that knives are sharp so we must be careful with our fingers when buttering and cutting. We compared the feel of them from when they were toasted to when they were not, the children used words like “its more crunchy”, “it changed colour” and “I wonder how it’ll taste”. They then had a choice of spreads to choose from: Marmalade, jam, butter and marmite. They said that the jam was easiest to spread and the marmite was the hardest to spread as it was so sticky!