Science Experiments

This week in toddler room we continued our materials theme by exploring the cause and effect of mixing materials together in science experiments. For our first experiment we made fizzy explosions by mixing bicarbonate soda and vinegar with food colouring. We really enjoyed pouring the different ingredients and watching the colours fizz. We tested this with different amounts of vinegar to see if this changed the outcome. For our second experiment we mixed oil and water and used droppers to drop different colours of food colouring into it watching them fall slowly into the cups. We then added some bicarbonate soda to this to make the colours move and whizz around inside the cup like a lava lamp. For our third experiment we decorated some tissue then used our fine motor skills to roll it into a long cylinder and placed them in trays. We then used jugs to pour small amounts of water on top to make the tissue move like caterpillars. It was very exciting watching the paper wriggle around. Our final experiment was making some fizzy explosions with cola and mentos. We took turns in adding mentos to the bottle and watched as liquid exploded out. Well done toddlers what great use of our creative thinking skills.