Equality and inclusion is at the heart of everything we do

Children-First Nurseries treat all children, parents, visitors and staff with equal concern and care. Equality and inclusion is at the heart of everything we do. The Nursery community is a vibrant tapestry of families and staff who represent a myriad of cultures and lifestyles.

Children’s attitudes to themselves and others are formed in the early years. Each child is unique and individual with are treated and respected as individuals, whose needs and requirements are understood and met. We practice anti-discriminatory behaviour by valuing and affirming equality of all children and families.

Positive attitudes of equality, diversity and inclusion in learning experienced is enhanced by:

  • Carefully sourced resources which are integral to learning experiences.
  • Challenging bias or discrimination of any kind in Nursery.
  • Providing on going training for staff.
  • Supporting children who are learning additional languages.
  • Obtaining or providing training for staff, alongside working with consultants and advisors. Cascading outsourced training into each Nursery.
  • Regularly reviewing our work, planned activities for the children and Nursery policies.
  • Constantly developing strong relationships with parents, carers, outside agencies and the local community.
  • Regularly reviewing our Polices and updating as required.
  • Having a nominated co-ordinator for special needs, SENCO, who is trained and oversees their base Nursery.
  • Having a nominated co-ordinator for diversity, equality and inclusion who is trained and oversees their base Nursery.
  • Regularly reviewing assessment, tracking and cohort tracking to ensure the best learning outcomes for all children and cohorts of children.
  • Early intervention with parental consent if concerns are raised about a child and liaison with outside agencies.