What the Ladybird Heard (1)

What the Ladybird Heard 

This week in toddler room we continued our fantasy and fiction topic by exploring the story “What the Ladybird Heard” by Julia Donaldson. We really enjoyed listening to the story and creating all of the different farm animal sounds from the book. To extend this interest we created an edible farm tuft tray. This was a great way for us to explore using our imaginations. We really enjoyed making the animals eat the different cereals in the tray and stomp around listening to the crunching sound it made. As we played we listened to the story and  had lots of fun matching the animals to the story and making the sounds.  To extend this we used our ICT skills on the touch and tilt table to look at real ladybirds in their natural surroundings. We then created our own mini beast tuft tray with leafy herbs and gloopy and slimy textures. These activities really promoted sensory exploration and introduced us to new smells and tastes while having fun with stories.