The Very Hungary Caterpillar

This week the Toddlers enjoyed looking at a familiar story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. The children enjoyed their story reading session in the book corner and commenting on the different visual’s props naming the different fruits. The Children then did an exotic fruit tasting session where they tasted different fruits from the story. The children used their different senses to explore the fruits on the mat. The children cut up their own fruits using their gross motor skills and then explored different textures of the fruits. The children used a wide range of vocabulary such as “sweet”, “sour”, “cold”. The children also linked this to maths as they were counting the number of fruits that was in front of them saying “1,2,3,4 strawberries”. 


We then extended this activity by making our own caterpillars by using paper cups. The children dipped the cups into green and red paints and then made marks onto their paper to resemble their own caterpillar. 


We lastly extended this activity by the children creating their own fruit kebab sticks out of grapes and strawberries to make their fruit kebab caterpillar. The children used their fine motor skills to cut up the different fruits and placed them onto their stick. 


The children thoroughly enjoyed their fruit tasting session following their story session.