Designing Superhero Costumes

The Horses took part in an activity to design their own superhero costumes. They started by talking about what their ideal superhero costume would look like. Children had ideas in their head and communicated these such as "mine will be pink" and "mine will have stripes". The children were supported to bring their ideas to life using media and materials. Fabric was cut using increasing physical skills to cut in straight lines through a resilient material. Children followed the line and cut the fabric into their chosen shape of cape. Once this was complete the children used fabric markers to design their cape adding pictures and formed letters to name their capes and decorate them. Children then designed their masks, working to make them individual and bring their ideas to life. 

When the costumes were complete the children went outside and explored role pay as a large group. Giving each other play ques and pretending to be superhero's. Taking on a dialogue in their play to carry out a narrative.