Holi Festival

On Thursday the Ladybirds celebrated the ancient Hindu festival of Holi, also known as the festival of Spring, the Festival of colours and the festival of Love.

The children took part in various sensory colourful creative activities.

Firstly we took part In water colour through spray bottles.

The children used hand and eye co ordination to manipulate the bottles and spray the coloured water onto some large white material.

The children were fascinated by the patterns created on the material.

Next we used powdered chalk to recreate the traditional celebration of throwing colourful powered paint into the air.

The Ladybirds had lots of fun throwing the powder into the air, watching it fall and then rubbing it with their hands onto large scale paper.

Lastly the children explored wet paint using their fingers and creating marks on paper.

The children extended of their vocabulary by using descriptive words such as powder, bright, wet, soft and cold.

We also spoke about what some of the colours represent such as Red for love, Yellow for health and happiness, Green for new beginnings and Blue for the sky and ocean.

Happy Holi everyone.