Melting Snowman Experiment

This week in the preschool room we have been exploring and learning about snow. On the touch and tilt we learned about the different conditions needed for it to snow, we then did a follow up experiment...

We got different materials from around the nursery, that were both white and of different textures to explore which materials we thought would be better suited to rebuild the snowmen! We predicted the shaving foam would be the best to make the snowmen because it was “squishy” and we learned the word “mouldable”. We thought the rice would be worst because it just falls down and doesn’t hold any structure.

We noticed the rice was too grainy and wouldn’t hold the snowmen’s structure. The shaving foam worked well too but eventually would fall again, but the tissue with the glue in it was very good and held very well and we managed to stack it and even add a carrot nose, sticks and eyes!

After this we mixed all the textures together and got the arctic animals out to turn it into a glorious arctic wonderland!