Summer Sandwich Fun!

For the past two weeks our focus has been growing some cress seeds, so we could construct and make our own sandwiches.

Preschool started off with planting some cress seeds in their individual pots. We researched on the laptop where cress seeds originate from and we found out they come from Western Asia. We took a look at the cress seeds before planting them and used some words to describe what they looked like, such as ‘teeny tiny’ and ‘small’. We patiently waited for a few days to see if the seeds were growing and we took notice of the changes they had in just a few days, looking at the sprouts as they were growing.

After a week had gone by our cress seeds were finally ready, so we gathered the ingredients and got ready to make our own sandwiches. We used our fine and gross motor skills to spread the butter onto the bread. We then used some scissors to cut our cress, and washed them to make sure they were nice and clean, ready for our sandwiches. Some of us added egg to our sandwiches and some of added just cheese. Our sandwiches were very yummy and we were all so proud of growing our own cress seeds, and our teachers were proud of us for trying the cress!