Fruit Tasting and Voting

The Ladybirds room took part in a fruit tasting activity. 

They explored a variety of exotic fruits such as coconut and passion fruit. 

The children manipulated knives to cut the fruit open using hand eye co-ordination. 

Once the fruit had been cut the children put the various fruits into separate bowls categorising the fruit. 

The children took turns to taste each fruit. 

They talked about the fruit and told the team if they liked it or not. 

They used descriptive vocabulary such as soft, nice and wet. 

The team introduced new vocabulary such as tangy, sweet and sour. 

The children then recorded their thoughts on a chart. 

They ticked the fruits they liked on the chart. 

The children's favourite fruits were plums and kiwi. 

It was a great exercise for the children to see that their opinions count. 

It supports the Fundamental British Values Democracy and Individual Liberty.