Animal Escape

The Ladybirds have been exploring materials and incorporating their interest in Animals this week.

Various animals were wrapped in material for the children to release and set free.

Materials that were used included Sting, wool, bubble wrap, tinfoil, tape and paper cups.

The children were given scissors to snip into the materials as we explained the safety of scissors.

We also demonstrated how to use scissors, then encouraged to children to hold them correctly.

The Ladybirds concentrated really well focusing on their fine motor skills as they coordinated their fingers and grip.

Some children decided to use their hands to tear into the materials and rip them open.

The children were very excited when they was able to free the animals and showed pride in their achievement.

Once all the animals were free the children wanted to continue with the activity therefore began to wrap the animals back up again. 

The children were thoroughly engaged throughout this activity as they were given the opportunity to take part in risky play.