Winter Extravaganza

Our topic for December is winter! The children have been learning about hibernation, artic animals, Christmas and the change in seasons. The whole nursery took a trip over to the forest for a Winter Extravaganza! The children took part in different work stations which involved exploring the woods for some winter creatures, mixing and stirring some magic reindeer food and also making some lovely hot chocolate which we tasted. It was delicious! We also had the opportunity to make snow and we discussed different temperatures and what we needed to wear to make our trip to the forest. Before we left on our trip the children took part in their own risk assessment and we discusses what precautions we needed to take on our way to the forest as well as when we were at the forest. We made sure we had our hats and scarfs ready for our winter day and we ensured we followed our road safety rules on the way. The children enjoyed their fun filled morning and when we arrived back to nursery we extended our learning into the afternoon with artic tuff trays, ice play and taking home our reindeer food for Christmas Eve! (British Values – Mutual tolerance and respect) (EYFS – Understanding the World – 30 – 50 – 40 – 60) (EYFS- Personal, Social and Emotional – 30-50)