"That's Not My Unicorn."

 "That's Not My Unicorn"

To finish off their Fantasy and Fiction monthly topic the ducklings and goslings explored the “That’s Not My Unicorn.” story. We listened to the story on the computer and enjoyed looking at the different textures while exploring the book on our own.  To extend this we then used our fine motor skills to explore rainbow coloured rice in our fantasy unicorn rainbow tuft tray. The rainbow was so exciting we looked at real rainbows on the laptop admiring all of the different colours we could see. We then used our creative skills on the computer to create our own rainbows.


To finish off our week we created our very own edible unicorn horns by decorating ice cream cones with colourful sprinkles and coloured chocolate. We explored how to use spoons to pour the melted chocolate over the cones and used our gross and fine motor skills to decorate them with all the colours of the rainbow.