The Gruffalo Trail

We went to the forest on our annual Gruffalo trail. 

The children had the opportunity to sit for a reading of the Gruffalo story to get familiar with all of the characters. 

Then they were handed a chart to go and find all of the characters from the story. 

Every time a character was found the children stamped their chart excitedly. 

Families joined us from all 3 rooms which was excellent to see. 

First they took a stroll through the forest to find the mouse. 

They walked through the deep dark wood looking eagerly. 

When they located the mouse they stamped their paper. 

Next the children had to locate the fox in his underground house. 

Then onto the owl in the tree top house high up in the tree. 

After the owl the children located the snake in the log pile house. 

Then last but not least the Gruffalo. 

Everyone was very excited to receive 5 stamps on their chart for finding all of the characters. 

The children showed their charts off proudly. 

Back at the base the children took part in a ceremony where they received gold medals and certificates for finding all of the characters.

Everyone did a brilliant job and was very proud of their medals. 

The children had a turn at painting their own Gruffalo's!

Thank you all for coming.