Water Channeling

The Horses were interested in channeling water. When they went pond dipping earlier  int he day children used buckets of water to channel water down tree logs to see what happened. We decided to extend on this with the guttering. Children were able to pour different amounts of water down the guttering pipes to attempt to wash down various items. Children explored through trial and error as they attempted to wash down heavy and light objects such as weighs, stones, sponges, boats and more. The children used different sized containers to experiment with the volume of water. Noticing that the bugger containers filled with more water washed the items down the pipes much quicker and with much more force. Children were able to make predications about what might happen to the items on the pipes and hen tested their theories in action. Positional language was used as the children moved the pipes up and down the stands to investigate what happened when the pipe was up higher or vertical. Lots of mathematical concepts were explored.