Animals Around the World

This week we been different animals from around the world. We had a whole tray area set up where animals were explored in different textures such as rice, sand and water. We tried these animals in different habitats to see how they would respond. We found the orange water play was the best place for our animals to be. We then celebrate national lion day by making some lovely orange lion masks using scissors for practice and painting using orange and yellow paint to see the effects of the marks made. While doing this we are introduced to a new word ‘mane’ and what it is. We then made our own mane to wrap around our heads to become lions ourselves ‘rawrrrrr’ Finally we enjoyed a lovely baking activity making some lovely orange biscuits we included mathematics (numbers) by using the scales operating a  Cheese grater very carefully to grate and make some orange zest and ‘combining’ our ingredients together to make a lovely dough. These biscuits came out so lovely and zesty and everyone took one home.