Rucksack Music!

We have a number of specialist teachers who provide a variety of sessions for the children every day of the week.

Cathy provides a session called Ruck Sack Music!

Cathy tailors the sessions to tie in with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. This helps the children develop their skills, understanding & confidence, as well as their oral, aural & manual dexterity, as the weeks progress.


She also tailors her sessions to fit in with each month’s topic, our topic this month is People who help us!

Her sessions include...

Gathering into a circle (or coherent group for the youngest ages)

A lovely Hello song

Action songs

A variety of instruments introduced and movement.

Sleeping bunnies (& an occasional dancing song with the Grasshoppers)


The children absolutely love their Wednesday sessions with Cathy!


EYFS- Expressive Arts and Design, Physical development,