Exploring Butterflies and Caterpillars

The butterflies explored the delivery of live caterpillars. 

They investigated the caterpillars and took part in drawing and painting their own versions of the caterpillars. 

The children used the caterpillars as objects of reference to create their own interpretations by making marks in a range of media. 

The children took part in some research regarding he life cycle of a butterfly. 

They explored books and computers to get more information. 

They made predictions about what might happen to the caterpillars from the research such as going into a cocoon and changing into a butterfly. 

To prepare for the change the children explored ice cocoons and used various tools and water to free the butterflies from the cocoon. 

The children manipulated screwdrivers to crack the ice to free the butterflies. 

They also used warm water to support the ice to melt to free the butterflies. 

They used their hands to rub the ice noticing how the movement and body temperature supported the ice to melt. 

The children were excited to free the butterflies and are looking forward to observing the real experience!