Pumpkin Exploration (1)

Pumpkin Exploration

On Wednesday we carried out a special pumpkin carving activity, using special children’s knives and chopping boards to have a go at cutting them ourselves. This proved to be a little tricky so needed some help from our adults. We used our language skills to describe what the pumpkins looked like, what was inside each of them, the differences between them using our magnifying glasses and finally we took a further look into learning about pumpkins by watching a timelapse video of a pumpkin seed growing all the way until it was fully grown. This was so cool to watch!

To extend on our pumpkin carving activity, we decided we would like to try and taste some of the pumpkin seeds, but first we needed to wash and prepare them ready for baking. We washed the seeds and then when ready we placed them onto a baking sheet and seasoned them with some honey, brown sugar and cinnamon. After baking them for 10 minutes they were ready, we waited for them to cool down and had them alongside our morning snack. They smelt so lovely and tasted great too!