Rabbit Life Skills

The Butterflies cleaned out the rabbit cage to learn life skills. 

They first of all made a list of what needed doing. 

They decided what should be put back into the clean cage such as food and hay.

The children wore protective gloves and took all of the old contents out of the cage and placed it in the bin.

They worked hard scooping it up. 

They cleaned the bottom of the tray to make it nice and clean for the rabbits. 

Once this was done the children added new hay to the cage. 

They worked hard to make sure the rabbits had enough hay. 

Then the children washed out and filled up the food bowl.

Adding a few handfuls for each rabbit. 

Next the children filled up the rabbits water bottle. 

They fed the rabbits fresh carrots before returning them to a nice clean cage. 

Well done Butterflies.