Electric Circuit Experiment

As part of our light and dark topic the Grasshoppers took part in their very own electric circuit experiment.

Shannon led a discussion about where electricity comes from and we used the children’s laptops to research where and how electricity is used.

We laid the whole kit out and explored the different objects. Then following picture instructions we began our experiment.

The children compared the size difference between the miniature bulb and a larger bulb.

We then started off by screwing the miniature bulb into the socket, it was quite tricky.

The battery had a Positive and negative end and we had to make the socket wires touch the battery to light the bulb.

The wires were two different colours, red and blue and we had to match the correct colour wire to the end of the battery, when we tired the opposite colour it did not work.

The children also used the kit and the various parts to make a switch to turn the light on and off.

The Grasshoppers then looked at what other materials conduct electricity, we tried aluminium foil and it worked, the electricity flowed through, we also tried some paper which do not work.

The Grasshoppers loved learning all about electricity and had lots of fun taking part in this experiment.