Children want food they enjoy and Nursery food is delicious. Children at Nursery get excited when they know lunch is on the way! Menus are meticulously designed with new idea recipes and ideas and lots of fun healthy food. Menus run over a 3 week period, providing plenty of variety and fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables. Our food is freshly prepared on site by the Nursery Chef and includes tastes, textures, flavours and ingredients from around the world.


Meals are shared with the children and served family style, in small groups around the table. Turn taking, sharing, self serving and talking about the taste of food and healthy benefits of eating fruit and vegetables is great fun for the children. Children look forward to their meals and snacks and frequently ask for more. Chefs take great pleasure seeing that the children love what they cook from scratch.


Research is clear in that, a healthy diet for young children, leads to a healthy life. Children enjoy healthy, balanced, varied and nutritious food which provides the best balance of vitamins, minerals, protein, good fats, fibre and carbohydrates for as needed for babies. We follow the latest guidance and menus are overseen by a qualified Nutritionist who specialises in children’s nutrition,

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