Mythical Creatures (1)

Toddler Room

Mythical Creatures

This week in toddler room we finished our fantasy and fiction topic by going on a mythical adventure. To begin our adventure, we went to a magical fairy land. On this land we used our imaginations to play and explore with fairies, gnomes, and unicorns. We used our fine motor skills to explore our magical river. Our next adventure took us to a volcano where monsters and dragon live. We listened to the “That’s not my dragon” story while we stomped our dragons in the gloopy textures and growled like monsters with the monster finger puppets. We learned some new vocabulary to go with the textures that we have been exploring like rough, smooth, and bumpy. Our final adventure needed us to use our mathematical skills to create some magical potions for the witch from our Room on the broom story. We filled cauldrons with lots of different textures and colours to create our potions. Once our cauldrons were filled we used the magic words “Iggity, ziggety, zaggety zoom!” Well done toddlers what great adventures we had this week.