Homeless Sandwich Outreach

We heard that a local homeless charity needed more sandwiches for the outreach and decided to help. 

The Ladybirds went to the supermarket to buy the ingredients to make the sandwiches. 

The children made a list of what was needed such as bread, cheese and salad. 

They selected it from the shelves and added it to the trolley. 

Pushing the trolley around the shop. 

The children took the shopping to the till and paid. 

Back at nursery the children started to make the sandwiches. 

They buttered bread.

Prepared fillings. 

Chopped up salad. 

Then put the sandwich together. 

The children wrapped up the sandwiches and put labels on them. 

Then they were packaged up ready to be delivered. 

The Grasshoppers went out to deliver the sandwiches to the outreach support worker. 

They walked carefully down the road carrying the boxes of sandwiches. 

They talked about where they might be going and who will be eating them. 

We talked about how homeless people need help. 

They were all very excited for them to have the sandwiches.