Fun new wow experiences

Nursery days are busy, dynamic and full. Children enjoying themselves with fresh fun, new, wow experiences rapidly learn new skills, and pick up new ideas and concepts. During each week planned, special experiences are enjoyed, such as: pizza parties, International Day of Happiness, superhero day, Zoolab animal experiences and nurturing small creatures such as chicks, duckings or caterpillars. Children’s interests are followed and goals achieved, ensuring fun whilst extending learning and play . Children who are enjoying themselves immerse themselves in Nursery life and can’t wait to get to Nursery

Making and keeping friends

From day one, children start to learn to share with their peers, socialise and make friends in a happy supportive environment. Strong, friendly relationships with caring Key Workers and peers develop as children take joy in new activities, games and opportunities. These experiences support children's interests, sharing mutual interests with friends. Playing alongside each other develops socialisation skills whilst meeting new people and learning to express emotions and feelings. This has a very positive impact on development, communication skills and confidence. Friendships blossom at Nursery and often spark the start of very long term friendships that children take to school.

Early Years Foundation Stage

At Nursery learning is embedded in everything we do, the Early Years Foundation Stage known as the EYFS, underpins what children are offered. Under two’s concentrate on the Prime Areas and children over 2 focus on the 7 areas of the EYFS. The principles of the EYFS include: Every child is a unique child, who is constantly learning, embraces learning, can be resilient, capable, confident, self-assured and children learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships. Children-First provide the environment at Nursery that enables children to thrive as these principles are encapsulated in the opportunities and caring relationships Key Workers and staff offer. Read more here

Special outdoor learning areas

Newly refurbished outdoor learning areas are very special, very carefully designed and split into different learning areas. Outdoor areas are not just a place to run around and let off steam! Our outdoor areas provide soft areas with carefully planned group learning tasks and free choice play activities to explore, Free play outdoor spaces enable children to develop gross motor skills, express themselves freely, enjoy mud kitchens and explore water play. Our activity packed outdoor spaces full of wonderful experiences, spark interests to explore further. Free flow times, when children can choose to be inside or outside, are enjoyed, giving children even more choices and encouraging autonomy.

Learning and development

During their time at Nursery children quickly progress through stages of the EYFS as they extend learning and development. Our holistic approach to the EYFS, means that Key Workers provide carefully planned learning and play activities for each individual, to ensure children achieve their next step. The breadth of free play activities, wealth of resources and array of learning materials enhances language, maths, science, IT understanding, creativity and problem solving skills. This ensures children reach their potential within the EYFS and develop into happy, confident learners, that are very able to express emotions, whilst being keen and able to move onto their next steps.

Trips extend learning

Planned and risk assessed outings in the local community are exciting and brilliant opportunities to extend children’s learning. Trips to the park or woods, playing and looking at leaves or observing other natural treasures, enhance understanding of seasons, birds, bugs and nature. Trips to the library develop a love of books, a trip to a shop and talking about where food is grown and comes from, helps children learn and understand supply chains. On these outings the children and staff talk about stranger danger, road safety and the importance of safety when leaving the Nursery, which enables children’s understanding of the importance of looking after themselves, friends and family as they get older.