Pressed Flowers

The Butterflies went on a trip to collect some leaves and flowers. 

They explored the local community picking various coloured flowers and leaves. 

They added them all to a basket. 

On return to nursery they placed them on top of paper and inside a laminating sheet.

The children used real small hammers to take part in risky play. 

They used the hammer carefully to bang it on top of the flowers pressing them into the paper. 

The children noticed the colours from the flowers printing onto the paper. 

When they hammered harder more colouring printed and the shape of the flower could be seen. 

The children were super careful and highly engaged as they were trusted with real tools. 

We talked about managing risk throughout. 

Once the flowers were printed on the paper the children placed the flowers inside a laminating sheet. 

The children put the sheets through the laminator and waited to see what happened. 

When the laminated sheet came out the children excitedly looked at the changes and how the flowers were pressed.