Preschool Posties!

Preschool Posties!

This week to extend on our trip to the Post Office, we decided to create our own Postal area in our home corner. The preschoolers showed great enthusiasm on our trip to the post office, and were very keen to learn more about what they do for a job to help everyone in the community to receive their important letters and parcels.

On our trip to the Post Office, the very kind worker gave us some of the parcel stickers, and some important information leaflets which were displayed in the Post Office. We took these back to nursery to enhance our new Post Office home corner, with the parcel bags, envelopes and bubble wrap to wrap fragile parcels. The pre-schoolers have really enjoyed taking on the role of a postal worker in our home corner, pretending to package the mail, writing addresses on envelopes and sticking on some stamps and special delivery labels to make sure they were ready to send!

To extend on our Post Office home corner, we incorporated learning our phonics songs using the envelopes in a circle time game. The envelopes with random letters were placed onto the carpet and we sang the song ‘I deliver mail, rain or shine. If you put a stamp on, it will get there in time. Can you help me sort my mail today? Collect the ones that start with ….’ (saying a letter sound) (tune of ‘I’m a little teapot’.) The children took turns to identify which letter was said and collected the envelopes with the corresponding letter.

We then went on to a mathematics themed activity using post boxes. We made some shape envelopes and shape post boxes to see if we could post them in the correct post boxes. The children showed great knowledge with their shapes, and were able name the shapes and post the correct envelopes into the correct shape post boxes.

Well done preschool this week for your great learning and involvement this week!