Life Cycle of a Chicken (1)

Life Cycle of a Chicken

This week in baby room we continued our monthly topic of Growth and Life cycles focusing on the life cycle of a chick. To begin we first looked at our “That’s not my chick” texture book. We were introduced to new words like chick, egg, fluffy and soft. We enjoyed explored the different textures in the book and repeating these key words and then trying them on our own without prompting. We extended this by exploring a Chicken’s nest tuft tray that was filled with lots of different textures for us to explore. We used baskets to create nests and hid our eggs in them underneath some feathers to keep them warm. We also explored hatching some chicks from their eggs, we used our fine motor skills to crack open our little eggs and help the chicks pop out. We then used our imaginations to move the chicks, and chickens around the tray saying, “chick” and “cluck”. To further extend this we observed the eggs that were brought into nursery and saw some of our chicks hatching from their eggs. We then observed the chicks playing in their cage it was very exciting. We then watched the chicks in a tuft tray while learning to be gentle when touching and stroking them. We were all very excited by our chicks and look forward to continuing to watch them grow next week. Well done babies what a fun week of learning.