Sensory Science

The Ladybirds room explored a sensory science tray. 

They had the opportunity to look at changes in state such as the melting process. 

Ice was provided with coloured water and pippets. The children were able to drop small amounts of water onto the ice and watch as the ice changed colour and began to melt with the water. 

Children explored through trial and error to use the pippets. 

They discussed how much water they had inside the tube and used mathematical language to say if it was full or empty. 

Children used their hands to rub the ice cubes between their fingers discussing the melting ice.

Physical skill was also used to explore the jelly. 

Children used tweezers and tongs to to dig through the jelly to successfully access the mathematical items hidden inside. 

Children used the colour coded bowls to categorise the items by colour once they had been retrieved from the jelly. 

Some children noticed the change to the jellies texture once water was added and it started to melt.

The children learnt new vocabulary such as 'melt', 'dissolve' and "frozen". 

Water beads were provided and the children had the opportunity to observe the beads as they absorbed the water and grew. 

The children talked about the changes in size and used the language of size such as 'smaller', 'bigger' and 'wider'.

The children started to combine the ingredients of the tray into different sized containers as they filled the containers with different measuring cups. 

The ingredients were mixed and sensory contents explored using both tools and hands.