Mural Collage

Mural Collage

On Tuesday as part of our Children’s Art day the Ladybirds took part in some creative fun by making a mural collage.

The Ladybirds collected a variety of materials throughout the nursery both indoors and outside.

Natural materials included leaves, sticks and flower petals.

Other materials such as sand, rice, straw and bath salts were also collected.

The children were than able to individually explore the various textures and smells whilst engaging in sensory exploration in an immersive space.

The Ladybirds used various descriptive words and language whilst taking part including sticky, smooth, rough and bumpy.

The children showed high levels of focus when selecting the materials as they carefully stuck them onto the sticky tape working their way around the space.

Once finished the children described their work as “lovely” and “beautiful” showing great pride in their achievement.

We then used the children’s cameras to take photographs and collect evidence to share with others.