What is Spring – Dissecting flowers

What is Spring – Dissecting Flowers

This week we learned about what Spring is in a group circle time with flash cards and flowers! We had the different seasons, weathers, spring flowers with information about them, and pictures of what you may see in the Spring time. First of all we asked the children what they thought Spring was, then touched base with how it’s the end of Winter, it starts to get warmer and the sunsets later in the day so we have more sunlight and how flowers and leaves start to grow again. We used some flowers that were weltered and flowers that were healthy to further extend this, asking the children which flowers they thought they would see in Spring compared to in Autumn/Winter. We spoke about the order of the seasons then moved on to the different weathers we may see in Spring and what we have seen so far, asking the children if they think it will be hot or cold in Spring and explained it can be both during this season. We moved on to the Spring flash cards looking at what we will see in Spring and what they’re called like daffodils, catkins, blossom, tadpoles etc. Lastly, we looked flash cards of different flowers that appear in Spring with information about them (where they grow and how high).

We went on our Spring walk where we walked to the park with our magnifying glasses and coloured lenses, looked at Spring flowers along the way like blossom and daffodils, then stopped at the park where we picked daffodils and painted them using water paints and paper on clipboards. The children also used their ICT skills to take picture of the Spring flowers using cameras which they really enjoyed!


We also then got some daffodils and dissected them (risk assessing the knives first) we got up on the tablet the different parts of the flower and see if the children could identify the parts on the daffodils, they cut off the stem, petals, leaves and sepal and learning about the different functions. We then drew our own daffodils after and used our early writing skills to label our pictures.

Well done preschool for being so focused and identifying the different parts of the flower.