Healthy Eating (1)

The Grasshoppers went to the local supermarket to purchase some vegetables for some healthy cooking. 

The children chose various vegetables to add to their cooking activity. 

The vegetables were weighed in the supermarket and the children looked at which ones were heavier and lighter. 

They took them all back to nursery. 

They decided to make a vegetable pie. 

They researched the recipe to make pastry. 

Weighing out the ingredients as displayed and explored weight and capacity. 

The ingredients was mixed together and rolled out. 

Everyone practiced cutting up the vegetables. 

The vegetables were hard and the children needed to use strength. 

They manipulated knives to chop the vegetables into pieces. 

Then they added the vegetables into the pastry. 

They put it in the mini oven and talked about the cooking process. 

The children talked about the healthy vegetables and compared healthy and non-healthy food. 

They looked at what should be on a recommended plate and designed their own plates. 

Once the pie was done they enjoyed trying the various vegetables.