Refuse Worker Visit

The Grasshoppers had a visit from a local refuse worker who came in to talk to the children about how he helps the community at work on a daily basis. He talked about his role and what he does each day and the equipment that is used including rubbish trucks and sorting materials for different types of recycling. 

The children had the opportunity to look at his uniform and try it on as well as looking at the rubbish truck. 

Children took part in an activity to help collect pieces of rubbish and use litter pickers. The children practiced the fine and gross motor skills needed to press the handle on the litter picker to collect rubbish and release it into the bin bag. Hand eye co-ordination was used to select the rubbish and navigate it into the bag. 

Children then looked at the various types of rubbish and sorted the material between recyclable and non-recyclable looking at paper, metal and plastic.