Arctic and Antarctic Animals (1)

Arctic and Antarctic Animals

This week in baby room we focused on learning about animals that live in the cold climates of the arctic and Antarctic. To do this we explored a penguin book called “Geronimo” while exploring our tuft tray, this book was about a penguin that wanted to fly. We learned that even though penguins have wings they can’t fly. In this tray we had soft and crinkly textures tat we explored making sounds as our penguins waddled over the shiny paper. In this tray we also had some polar bears that were growling and stomping in the tray making loud noises. We then further extended this by making an ice penguin bath tray where we explored ice and shaving foam with our penguins. We really liked exploring the cold slippery texture of the ice. Our penguins really enjoyed swimming in the cold water the ice left behind as it melted. The ice was shaped like cubes and we stacked them to make our own towers and igloos. To further extend this we made our own igloo paintings using the ice. Well done toddlers what a fun busy week of learning we have had.