Safer safeguarding

Rigorous safer, safeguarding practice at Nursery is our mantra. Safeguarding children is at the core of Children-First recruitment, employment and retention. Outstanding staff retention practices and ongoing training is the key to safe, cared for and happy children who are active and ready learners. Our methodical, meticulous recruitment practices are the key to employing the best professionals and go beyond what others do. High quality, ongoing training of all team members ensures the very best in safer, safeguarding for your child during their times at Nursery and go beyond compliancy with Ofsted’s expectations, details are in our Safeguarding Policy here.

Monitored safer, secure Nursery inside and out side!

Our Nurseries have complex safeguarding systems in place for children with high spec video entry systems and both external and internal CCTV's. The CCTV covers all indoor and outdoor areas of the Nursery, it provides Managers with an in depth view of children’s activities and interactions and supports staff self-evaluation and personal development. CCTV ensures constantly monitored security to the perimeter, windows and doors. We never let anyone is into Nursery if they are unknown or do not have an appointment. Visual ID is always checked at the gate for Ofsted Inspectors and Environmental Health Officers by the Manager.

Secure data protection handling and storage

Children, carers, parents and staff data is safeguarded thoroughly and conscientiously; our detailed Policy can be found here. During the day to day work of Nursery and in managing the teaching and learning of the children, data handling is a natural part of the teams work; so exacting systems must be in place. Privacy is essential and the Nursery ensures full compliance. During the day data is handled sensitively, by staff working with the children. When the Nursery is closed data is stored in locked filing cabinets or small safes. The Nurseries have full alarm systems and emergency key holder access and are police station linked; giving further reassurance that data is safe.