Science Week - Science Experiments

This week was British Science week and the Butterflies explored two different science experiments. 

They started by looking at images of volcanoes. 

Then they added vinegar to bicarbonate of soda to create their own volcanoes. 

The children used pippets to add the vinegar practising the pincer movement and hand eye co-ordination. 

The children noticed that the more vinegar they added the bigger the fizz of the volcano. 

The children practised with trial and error. 

Exploring cause and effect. 

Next they explored sinking and floating. 

The children made predictions about what materials would float and which materials would sink. 

They practised one material at a time. 

Cheering when a material floated. 

They used a tick chart to record what objects floated. 

Showing that data can be collected on paper. 

Science week was lots of fun!