Wellbeing Sensory Bottles

The Ponies have been looking at how to regulate their emotions and calm themselves down when they are experiencing different emotions. They retreat to the new wellbeing area and explore the range of sensory resources on offer. Th children made their own calming sensory bottles to ad to the area. Thy used a variety of tools to tip and pour water through funnels to fill bottles. Carefully manipulating the jugs and cylinders to reduce spill and fill the bottles to the top. Developing an understanding of when a container is full to capacity. Children then used pipettes to add different substances to the bottles such as oil and colouring. The children watched as the water, oil and colouring separated and discussed the scientific process asking questions and learning new vocabulary. The children calmly looked at the bottles and placed them in the wellbeing area to help calm them down if they are feeling emotional.