Parachute of Leaves

The Grasshoppers went to the forest to collect autumnal leaves. 

Children gathered a large selection of brown, yellow and orange leaves. 

The leaves were placed on top of the parachute. 

The children explored the parachute of a large scale. 

They used large gross motor skills to manipulate the parachutes movement to avoid the leaves falling from the parachute. 

Children had to work as a team to co-ordinate their section of the parachute to keep the leaves on top when it shaken and the wind blew. 

The children practised moving the parachute up, down, left and right. 

Then the children had fun lifting the parachute as high as possible to allow the leaves to fall and cascade around them. 

Children watched with awe and wonder as the leaves surrounded them. 

The children explored various games such as some children running underneath the parachute. 

Then eventually everyone on top! 

It was all very exciting.