Pumpkin Soup

The Grasshoppers read the story pumpkin soup. 

They made a list of the ingredients they thought they would need including pumpkin, potatoes, carrots and coconut milk. 

They talked about where they might get this from and decided to go on a trip to Waitrose. 

At Waitrose the children selected a variety of different pumpkins and squash's. 

They compared them in size, shape and colour. 

They selected the pumpkin they wanted to use for the soup. 

They also selected the remaining ingredients they needed. 

Then they took all of the ingredients back to nursery to make the soup. 

Everyone worked hard to scoop out the pumpkin talking about the texture inside. 

Next they cut the pumpkin flesh into small pieces for the soup. 

Following on from this the children carefully cut up the remaining ingredients. 

They used hand eye co-ordination to manipulate the children's knives. 

Being extra careful to assess the risk. 

The coconut milk was poured in. 

The hand blender was used to blend the mixture together. 

The children practised pressing the button to turn it on or off. 

Learning that technology can be used for cooking. 

The ingredients was placed in a pan and on the hop to cook. 

The children did their own risk assessment for using the hob. 

They turned it on to the right heat setting. 

They waited patiently for it to cook. 

Then it was poured in a pumpkin. 

The children served it for tea. 

It was delicious.