For Thanksgiving preschool celebrated by baking some cookies with Chef Bernie, we enjoyed sprinkling on some raisins and putting some milk around the edges. Lastly, we sprinkled on a little bit of cinnamon and nutmeg sugar. We enjoyed them with our pudding for tea, they were so yummy.

To extend on this, preschool watched a short clip about thanksgiving and why people celebrate this holiday. We learnt that it is celebrated in the United States, Canada and sometimes in the Caribbean Islands. We also learnt that Thanksgiving gives us a chance to say thank you to all the blessings and things we received over the past year. Preschool then had the chance to make a mind-map of things we can all be thankful for. We each gave different answers some being “I’m thankful for my mummy and daddy” and “I’m thankful for all the toys”.

Preschool also made some crafts of a turkey which they learnt is a common food people eat with Thanksgiving dinners. We used our hands dipped in brown paint and made a handprint to make the turkey, and then used orange paint with our other hands to make the feathers of the turkey. Lastly, we stuck on some googly eyes to finish our Thanksgiving turkey.